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Empty Room
Kitchen with Island

When designing we look at the character of the building to understand how it can lead the design. Proportion, features, materials and period will often be defining elements that will important to the transformation. Any addition made to an existing space must therefore look both natural, and fitting, the consequence of ignoring this concept will result in imbalance of room scale and appearance. 

Therefore achieving style in conversion is not all about the finishes and furniture (although that plays a large part) instead getting the basic space parameters working, that is fitting to the building is fundamental to achieving that look buyers are after. 

When we discuss style it is really about perception of space. Everybody has different tastes, expenses, cultural backgrounds that greatly affect ones interpretation of style. However everybody knows when the scale of a space feels right or wrong for human habitation. For example if you walk into a tiny bedroom you would instantly know its not right.

Moreover style can be emphasised with embellishments to the design, carefully considered extra details that refine the space and raise it from the average conversion. Such as lighting, finishes, shadow gaps.

To conclude style doesn't need to be expensive, its about producing a space that somebody will perceive as proportionally correct, has character, and has finishes that look right. Beautiful furnishings will always help sell the space but getting the fundamentals right is critical to the outcome


July 2019