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Decorated Bedroom
Interior Modern Brick House

Developers often want a quick turn around, on budget and quick to sell. We know from experience that once a developer finds an architect that can achieve that they will often return for repeat work. This also makes the next project easier for the architect as they have a knowledge of the clients style and expectations. 

Developers often have the gift of finding hidden gems, often buildings others would overlook. Sometimes they can be fairly easy convert, but more likely they pose a few challenges which is not a bad thing. Those little challenges end up being the features that define the building or provide the catalyst for the layout, or look of the space. As the architect we take on those challenges and work them to our advantage.  

"With a specialism in hotels and student accommodation my skillset is all out craftily maximising the potential of any space. Think of a hotel room and how much is in a space of only 24-32sqm. I spent a decade learning the art of getting as many rooms in a building, and then getting as much out of each room as possible whilst retaining that elegant appearance. Of course there are tricks of the trade, but I bring that same ethos to each development that i work on". Simon Bond

Each developer has a different approach, some let the architect to lead the design and trust that they will put together the best design for the budget, whereas others are more hands on, and want to be involved in each design decision" 

The architect is there to put all the information together to deliver the best results. 


July 2019